Deer family

Deer family

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Modern and charming deer family.

These deer have a modern appearance and are designed with many fine details; hand-embroidered noses/eyes and clothing that can be

attached or removed with velcro. There are four members in this classic family grouping: mother, father and two kids and they match perfectly

with one of the beautiful dollhouses in the by ASTRUP® series. Paired with a dollhouse and furniture, the Deer Family is perfect for hours of fun

in which children can develop their imagination, empathy and social skills.

The Deer Family measure from 7 to 24 cm and come in a fine gift box in the shape of a small house. The ideal gift idea.

Our toys are specially made to provide entertainment and improve learning.

Well-suited for: role playing, imagination, language and comprehension, storytelling.

All our toys comply with applicable European regulations for toy safety and are CE marked.


Father: 24 cm, Mother: 19 cm, Girl: 13 cm, Baby: 7 cm