Why Organic?

So you're probably thinking "why organic"? Well, as well as it being more durable and soft for your babies skin there are also other benefits that we are passionate about here at Rip Rap HQ. 

1) Its super soft, this is because its free of scratchy impurities and harsh chemicals which could irritate your babies skin.

2) Organics fabric is alot more durable, this is because the fibres havent been broken down by harsh chemicals. Which means your child can be free to climb and explore with extra comfort.

3) Organic cotton fabric uses less energy and healthy organic soils store more CO2, also by eliminating all hazardous synthetic pesticides in its production, organic cotton offers a healthy and sustainable future for farmers and their families.

So when we choose organic instead of conventional fabric the impact on not just your babies skin but the whole world and our childrens future is huge. Its got to be worth it right? Shop organic and together we can make a difference.