Sizing Information

Here is a general guide to my sizes.

All of my items are very true to size apart from my rompers which have a little more room in. So when it comes to knowing which is the best size to go for (especially if your child is coming to the end of a size bracket) in evrything apart from rompers i would always advise to size up.

Leggings, Rompers and Dresses

0-3 months Height 24 inches, Waist 17.5 inches, Inseam without nappy 8.5 inches

3-6 months Height 27 inches, Waist 18.5 inches, Inseam without nappy 10 inches

6-9 months Height 29 inches, Waist 19 inches, Inseam without nappy 11.25 inches

9-12 months Height 30.5 inches, Waist 19.5 inches, Inseam without nappy 12 inches

12-18 months Height 33 inches, Waist 20.25 inches, Inseam without nappy 13,5 inches

18-24 months Height 35 inches, Waist 21 inches, Inseam without nappy 14 inches

2-3 years Height 38 inches, Waist 21.5 inches, Inseam without nappy 15.5 inches

3-4 years Height 41 inches, Waist 22 inches, Inseam without nappy 17 inches

4-5 years Height 43 inches, waist 22.5 inches, Inseam without nappy 18.5 inches

Please message me with any questions about sizing. I offer custom sizes, for example extra leg length or extra elastic on waistband.

Melanie xx